About us

Lesbian Feminist University (LFU) is an initiative set up in March 2010 as an autonomous space of educational, theoretic and artistic practices and actions for lesbians and women* interested in lesbian feminism, antifascism and anticapitalism. The name “University” is meant to be ironic, as study methods are based on the principles of self-organization, autonomy, active participation and democratic decision-making of all the participants.

LFU meetings take place at club Tiffany (ŠKUC – Cultural centre Q) at ACC (Autonomous Cultural Centre) Metelkova and at Afkors (Anarchist-Queer-Feminist Space) at Autonomous Factory Rog, and at other places in Metelkova and at Rog. We believe in the inalienable right to women*-only spaces and wish to provide a safe and, above all, free environment for women* and the development of the participants’ own thoughts. Thus, LFU meetings are open exclusively to lesbians, women and trans* persons.

Blog posts are written by LFU members, making the media space open for a variety of opinions and the expressive power of each and every one of us.

Contact us by e-mail: lezfemuniverza(at)gmail.com, you can also find us on Mastodon, Facebook, Wikipedia and Goodreads.

LFU in media and publications

LFU Publications

Activities in year 2018


  • workshop on trash group writing, club Tiffany, December 2018
  • Open-source programmes – Ubuntu/Linux installation pary, workshop, club Tiffany, May 2018
  • “How to support a friend that experiences violence in her lesbian relationship?”, experimental workshop, club Tiffany, May 2018
  • Group zine making workshop, club Tiffany, April 2018
  • “Lesbian and queer intimacies in friendships nb. II”, experimental workshop, Afkors, April 2018
  • “Lesbian partnerships: on freedom”, workshop and debate, Afkors, March 2018
  • “JavaScript: Web data collection”, repeated coding workshop, club Tiffany, March 2018
  • “JavaScript: Web data collection”, coding workshop, club Tiffany, March 2018
  • “Lesbian and queer intimacies in friendships”, experimental workshop, club Tiffany, February 2018


  • Presence and experiences of lesbians in protests and radical liberation movements, during Lesbian cinemaclub – Stormé and 25th anniversary of Metelkova City, September 2018
  • Local femonationalism, open debate, Afkors, May 2018 (in cooperation with Afkors)
  • Safe(r) social spaces for LGBTIQA persons on the web, presentation and debate, club Tiffany, May 2018 (in cooperation with SKUC-Cultural centre Q/club Tiffany and Emanat Association)

Music listenings

  • Witch is witch (folk, acoustic, rock, Germany), December 2018
  • Kat Frankie (experimental pop, Australia – Germany), April 2018

Lesbian cinema club

  • »Stormé – lady from the Jewel Box Revue” (1987) and “Stormé Life” (2009), club Tiffany, September 2018


Protests and actions

  • presence at the protest “Lublana je bulana”, against gentrification, Tabor park, Ljubljana, 26.10.2018
  • presence at the protest “Against fear. Agaist politics of hate.”, Republic square, Ljubljana, May 30th 2018
  • lesbian- and queer-feminist block at the protest for March 8th, Kongres square, Ljubljana


  • “Lesbian partnerships in Slovenia”, lecture by Polona Černič, LIFT – Festival of lesbian identities, Labrisz, Budapest, Hungary, October 2018
  • 25. Anniversary of ACC Metelkova City, September 2018
  • Info-Kafana LII: Autonomous social networks on the web, A-Infoshop, May 2018
  • club Tiffany (SKUC-Cultural Centre Q), ACC Metelkova, all year through
  • Afkors (Anarchist-Queer-Feminist Space), Autonomous Factory Rog, all year through

Presentations and publications

  • Oblak, T., Pan, M. (2018). Čežnja za prostorom, užitkom i znanjem: Autonomno lezbejsko i kvir feminističko organizovanje u Ljubljani. V: Bilić, B.&Radoman, M. (2018). Sestrinstvo i jedinstvo: Lezbe/ijski aktivizam na (post)jugoslo/avenskom prostoru. Beograd: Centar za kvir studije.
  • Oblak, T., Pan, M. (2018). Yearning for space, pleasure and knowledge: autonomous lesbian and queer feminist organising in Ljubljana. In: Bilić, B., Radoman, M. (2018). Lesbian activism in the (post-)Yugoslav space: Sisterhood and unity. Palgrave MacMillan: 2018.
  • #causeascene Conference. M. Kraljič: Tech Workshops at the Lesbian-Feminist University.  #causeascene Conference, 4. junij 2018, co.up Community, Berlin

Group visits

  • movie projections Una Mujer Fantastica, Kinodvor, June 2018


  • account at the local instance of Mastodon – Toot.si  (@LFU)

Activities in year 2017


  • “Arduino – programming with lights”, programming workshop with Arduino Nano, club Tiffany, December 2017
  • “Ada Lovelace Day – Lezba.si”, web technologies workshop, club Tiffany, October 2017
  • “First steps into the world of Linux”, workshop on open-source systems, club Tiffany, January 2017

Presentations and debates

  • “Research about lesbian partnerships”, presentation of research by Polona Černič and Urška Bremec and debate, club Tiffany, December 2017
  • “European Lesbian* Conference and Lesbians Who Tech 2017”, presentation of international meetings and debate, club Tiffany, November 2017

Lesbian Cinema Club

  • Dyke Hard (2014), 24th anniversary of Metelkova City, club Tiffany, September 2017

Meetings in collaboration with other feminist groups

  • intergenerational feminist meeting, KUD Mreža, Metelkova, December 2017
  • intergenerational feminist meeting, KUD Mreža, Metelkova, October 2017
  • intergenerational feminist meeting, KUD Mreža, Metelkova, May 2017
  • intergenerational feminist meeting, KUD Mreža, Metelkova, February 2017

Other collaborations

  • Dyke Hard (2014), 24th Anniversary of Metelkova City, club Tiffany, September 2017
  • benefit vegan dinner, A-Infoshop, January 2017
  • feminist and queer space, Autonomous Factory Rog, whole year 2017

Group visits

  • exhibition “Disobedient: Eulalia Grau, Katalin Ladik and Žene u crnom”, MSUM, Ljubljana, July 2017

Activities in the year 2016:

Public statements

  • Statement of LFU on neo-nazi attack at Autonomous Cultural Zone Metelkova City, August 2016
  • Statement of support for Case on disclosure of sexual violence at the literary scene, July 2016
  • Statement of support for Factory Rog, May 2016

Study reading groups, lectures, debates

  • Lecture by Iva Jevtić, PhD: “Less human, more than birds: delights and trials of  namelessness” and debate, June 2016
  • Gloria E. Anzaldúa: Borderlands/La Frontera (1987; sections: The homeland, Aztlán; Movimiento de rebeldía y las  culturas que traicionan; Entering into the serpent), April 2016
  • Lecture by Ana Grobler, MSc: “Sexualities in Slovene visual art” and debate, January 2016


  • Workshop on activist equipment of bicycles, May 2016

Lesbian cinema club and debates

  • Peaches does herself, musical, September 2016
  • Regarding Susan Sontag, documentary, May 2016

Literary evenings

  • Literary evening with Tatjana Jamnik about novel by Ewa Schilling – Norec (Lambda, 2015), February 2016

Group music listenings

  • Lourdes Pérez, nueva trova/nueva cancion, April 2016
  • Alberta Hunter, blues, February 2015


  • workshop Lesbian and feminist trash 2!, 11th LIFT festival, Budapest, Hungary, October 2016
  • collaborations with various groups and places at Autonomous Factory Rog, from June 2016 on.
  • book presentations by Ana Cergol Paradiž, PhD, and Taja Kramberger, PhD, and debate:” Collective silence and forced oblivion – on history of women and eugenics”, Živko Skvotec, Rog, May 2016 (in collaboration with collectives Rdeče zore, spol.si, Živko Skvotec, publishing houses KUD Police Dubove and Sophia)
  • feminist meetings, January 2016 -.

Activities in the year 2015:

Public statements

  • Statement of solidarity with lesbians at Belgrade, October 2015
  • Support of Antirasist march, September 2015

Study reading group and debates

  • Study reading group at Social centre Rog: Women as protagonists of migrations (Sanja Cukut Krilić: Spol in migracija – Izkušnje žensk kot akterk migracij, poglavja Spol in migracija v različnih tipologijah migracij, str. 43-68, in Tematizacija žensk kot migrantk, str. 76-81; ZRC SAZU, 2009), October 2015
  • Cycle on feminist, lesbian and queer pornography II. (Cherry Smyth: The Pleasure Threshold: Looking at Lesbian Pornography on Film), June 2015
  • Study reading group ast Social centre Rog: Feminist analyses of precariousness, May and June 2015
  • Cycle on feminist, lesbian and queer pornography I. (Sara Dunn: Voyages of the Valkyries: Recent Lesbian Pornographic Writing, 1990;  in Wickie Stamps: Against the Grain, p. 281-284, iz Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica, 2000), May 2015
  • Study reading group ast Social centre Rog: Lilijana Burcar (Izkrivljanje in degradacija samoupravnega socializma v imenu liberalnega feminizma in novodobnega »antifa«”/ Distortion and degradation of self-management socialism by liberal feminism and new-age antifa/; in journal Borec (n.706-708, LXVI/2014), April 2015
  • Study reading group ast Social centre Rog: Silvia Federici III. (Introduction, 2011, p. 5-12; On elder care work and the limits of Marxism, 2009, p. 115-125; in Revolution at point zero: housework, reproduction and feminist struggle, 2012), March 2015
  • Adrienne Rich: On lies, secrets and silence II. (essays Lesbian in us is the one who…1976, p. 187-190, Work conditions: communal world of women, 1976, p. 191-202, We have to spread our love of women , 1977, p. 211-217; in On lies, secrets and silence, 2003), February 2015
  • Study reading group at Social centre Rog: Silvia Federici II. (Feminism and the politics of the common in an era of primitive accumulation, 2010; iz Revolution at point zero: housework, reproduction and feminist struggle, 2012. 138-148), February 2015
  • Adrienne Rich: On lies, secrets and silence I. (essays Introduction, p. 5-23, Antifeminist, 1972, 63-76; Maternity, 1987, 245-257; out of book On lies, secrets and silence, 2003), February 2015
  • Literary theory through science fiction viewpoint  III. – cyberpunk (Storm Constantine: Immaculate, 1991), February 2015
  • Study reading group at Social centre Rog: Silvia Federici I. (Reproduction and feminist struggle in the new international division of labour, 1999; iz Revolution at point zero: housework, reproduction and feminist struggle, 2012. p. 65-75), January 2015


  • Ironical drag workshop “Female2Male”, October 2015
  • Ada Lovelace Day 2015: workshop “Privacy in the time of control”, October 2015
  • Trash workshop of stickings, wipepings and collages, April 2015
  • Workshop of cleaning and repairing the bicycles, May 2015

Lesbian cinema club and debates

  • 22th anniversary of ACC Metelkova: Lesbian factory (2010), September 2015

Literary evenings

  • Literary-musical evening “Tove&Tooti: Fair play”, January 2015

Music listening

  • Laurie Anderson (experimental music), USA, February 2015
  • Big Mama Thornton (blues), USA, May 2015


  • 10. Festival of lesbian identities LIFT: workshop “Lesbian trassshhh group writing” and projection of the short movie “LFU in action”, Budapest, Hungary, November 2015
  • Projection of the movie “LFU in action” during the lecture by Tea Hvala “Feminismen in Slowenien”, Festival Q., Halle, Germany, October 2015
  • Social centre Rog: study reading groups, January 2015 – October 2015
  • 22. Anniversary of ACC MEtelkova (club Tiffany etc. insie Metelkova), September 2015
  • Tribuna/3buna: thematic edition of (chauvinism) ŠOUvinizem, May 2015


  • In collaborations with other feminist groups: May and June 2015

Activities in year 2014

Public statements

  • Against criminalisation of Insurgent social workers, October 2014
  • In Solidarity with Spanish Women! for the abortion rights, January 2014

Study reading clubs

  • Cicle of Virginia Woolf – III. part (Virginia Woolf: “Three guineas”, 1938), October 2014
  • Cicle of Virginia Woolf – II. part (Diaries´s selection/Virginia Woolf/: “Moments to see”, 2012), October 2014
  • Cicle of Virginia Woolf – I. part (Virginia Woolf: “A Room of One’s Own”, 1929), September 2014
  • Cicle of Simone de Beauvoir – III. part (Simone de Beauvoir: “The Second Sex”, 1949), March 2014
  • Cicle of Simone de Beauvoir – II. part (Simone de Beauvoir: “The Second Sex”, 1949), February 2014

Reading club Anonymous readers (in collaboration with SKUC-Cultural centre Q)

  • My name is Rigoberta Menchu and this is how my Conscience was Born (2012, *cf), February 2014


  • Group trash writing – Feminist flyers, messages and slogans, October 2014
  • Ada Lovelace Day 2014: Feminist and lesbian computer games, October 2014
  • Group trash writing – Feminist anthem and slogans – May 2014
  • Cycle Lesbian health I, II, III, January – May 2014
  • Workshop of fixing and cleaning of the bicycles – May 2014

Lesbian cinema club and debates

  • Flaming Ears (1991), September 2014
  • Status quo? Unfinished work of feminism in Canada (2012), May 2014
  • The Killing of Sister George (1968), January 2014

Group music listening

  • Kathy Fire (folk), USA, October 2014
  • Sookee (rap, hip hop), Germany, October 2014
  • Menstruadora (rap), Mexico, September 2014
  • Flying lesbians (rock, blues, off-beat), Germany, May 2014
  • Team Dresch (lesbian punk, riot grrrl, queercore), USA, April 2014
  • Carolina Brauckmann (lesbian chansons), Germany, January 2014
  • Chavela Vargas (Mexican canzona), Mexico, February 2014


  • Protest against sexism, May 2014
  • Protest against Spanish abortion law, February 2014

Collaborations and meetings

  • Ada Lovelace Day 2014, LFU together with ČIPKE, Ljubljana, October 2014
  • 21st Anniversary of Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana, September 2014
  • International meeting of activists from Berlin – Potsdam – Ljubljana, Safer spacef for women, lesbians and trans, Potsdam, May 2014
  • 15. International Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns 2014, Ljubljana, March 2014

Activities in year 2013

Public statements

  • Against demolishing heterosexism, sovinism and misogyny at people´s risings, March 2013.
  • Statement against catastrophic journalistic reporting on LFU at All-peoples-rising 21.12.2012, December 2013.

Study reading clubs

  • Cicle of Simone de Beauvoir (Simone de Beauvoir: “The Second Sex”, 1949), December 2013.
  • Self-defense for women and lesbians, November 2013.
  • Postcolonial studies I: Lesbians in Arab world.  (Amer, S.:  Medieval Arab lesbians and lesbian-like women. Journal of the history of sexuality, 2009; 18(2):215-236; Nadine M., Meem. Arab queer Women and transgenders confronting diverse religious fundamentalisms:  the case of Meem in Lebanon. Awid: Women´s rights;  Al Ghafari, I.  Is there a lesbian identity in the Arab Culture? Al-Raida, 2002/2003: 2o(9)).
  • Lesbian utopias I. SCUM Manifesto (Solanas V.: SCUM Manifesto, New York: Olympia Press, 1968), May 2013.
  • Feminism and linguistics IV. – Feministična literarna veda, njena zgodovina in druge izbrane zagate (Moi, T.: »I am not a woman writer; about women, literature and feminist theory today«, Eurozine, 2009), April 2013.
  • Feminist brainstorming, exchange and listenings, January 2013.


  • Street action on March 8th 2013.

Reading club Anonymous readers (in collaboration with SKUC-Cultural centre Q)

  • Helen Zahavi: Dirty weekend (1966/2013, ŠKUC), September 2013.
  • George Egerton:  Keynotes (1893, archives.org), February 2013.


  • Workshop of cross-dressing and photography – “Masculinity” (Judith Jack Halberstam: Female masculinity, 1998), December 2013.
  • Group trash writing: »LGBTIQ mythological stories«, December 2013.
  • Workshop of video montage: “Let´s make a documentary movie – Trial&Error,” November 2013.
  • Workshop “WordPress without web”, October 2013.
  • Group trash writing: “One-night and eternal loves at Metelkova City”, September 2013.
  • Group trash writing: »Dancing songs, lullabies, toasts, marches, reveilles«, June 2013.
  • Workshop »Sexism among us«, Balkan anarchist bookfair 2013, May 2013.
  • Cycle DIY: workshop on  cleansing, filling up, screwing and oiling of bicycles, April 2013.
  • Workshop »Women, crisis and (radical) social work”, cooperation with Insurrected social workers, »HUB Meeting 2013«, April 2013.
  • Group trash writing FEMANIFIST, February 2013.
  • Group trash writing WOMANIFIST, February 2013.

Lesbian cinema club and debates

  • Short movies Doris (2009), Swedish independent filmmakers web Doris film, December 2013.
  • The Aggressives (2005), November 2013.
  • Outcast (2011), October 2013.
  • Dirty weekend (1993), October 2013.
  • A question of silence (1982), April 2013.

Group music listening

  • Sotiria Bellou (rembetiko, Greek folk music), June 2013.
  • Claire Waldoff (cabaret), January 2013.


  • People´s risings in Maribor, November 2013.
  • 2.-5. Peoples´risings, Januar – April 2013.


  • Group trash writing workshop »One-night and eternal loves at Metelkova«, 20th Anniversary of Metelkova City, September 2013.
  • Workshop »Sexism between us«, Balkan Anarchist Fair 2013, May 2013.
  • Workshop »Women, crisis and (radical) social work«, collaboration with Insurrected social workers, HUB Meeting 2013, April 2013.

Activities in 2012

Study reading club

  • Cycle: Feminism and linguistics – Feminist translation studies II (von Flotow, L: Feminism in Translation: the Canadian Factor (V Quaderns. Revista de traducció 13 (1)),December 2012.
  • Cycle: Feminism and linguistics – Feminist translation studies  I. (Chamberlain, L: Gender and the Metaphorics of Translation (v Rethinking Translation: Discourse, Subjectivity, Ideology, ur. Lawrence Venuti, 57–74. London, New York: Routledge), November 2012.
  • Idealised female media images (Collins, L: Pixel Perfect; James, R. Mainstream Feminism’s Demand for Realism: On “Fotoshop by Adobé,” aesthetics, and posthuman feminism), June 2012.
  • Cycle: Lesbian communities in time and space – Berlin in years of 1920-1930 (Tamagne, F. History of homosexuality in Europe: The female scene; Berlin´s Lesbische Frauen; The lost bars of Weimar Berlin), June 2012.
  • Cycle: Lesbian communities in time and space – Lesbian Harlem Renaissance (Faderman, L. Odd girls and twilight lovers: White slumming in Harlem; Watson, S. The Harlem Renaissance), May 2012.
  • Cycle: Lesbian communities in time and space – Women of the left bank II. (Benstock, S. Ženske z levega brega. Lj: ŠKUC, 2004), May 2012.
  • Cycle: Lesbian communities in time and space – Women of the left bank I. (Benstock, S. Ženske z levega brega. Lj: ŠKUC, 2004), April 2012.
  • Invisible work (Hrženjak, M. Invisible work. Lj: Mirovni inštitut, 2007), March 2012.
  • Lesbian sex/uality (Califia, P. Sapfin dotik. Lj: ŠKUC, 2005), January 2012.


  • Free Pussy Riot! Action in the front of Russian Embassy in Ljubljana, June 2012.
  • Street action, March 2012.

Reading club Anonymous readers (in collaboration with SKUC-Cultural centre Q)

  • Alice Munro: Sovraži me, rad me ima, dvori mi, ljubezen da, mož in žena sva (Maribor: Litera, 2010), October 2012.
  • Mariama Ba: Dolgo dolgo pismo. (Ljubljana : Založba /*cf., 2004), June 2012.
  • Stanislava Chrobakova Repar: Slovenka na kvadrat (Ljubljana: KUD Apokalipsa, 2009), May 2012.
  • Taja Kramberger: Z roba klifa (Ljubljana: Aleph, 2012), February 2012.


  • Tanja Škander: Predstavitev berlinske organizacije LesMigras in pogovor o lezbičnih, biseks, queer in trans migrantkah/ih, september 2012.
  • Alenka Spacal, PhD: Performance of Zvonka T. Simčič, Doulas “ad utero, ab ovo”, during 40th anniversary of SKUC Association, March 2012.

Literature readings

  • Teja Oblak: »Kadetke, tovornjakarice in tete«, book presentation (Ljubljana: ŠKUC Lambda, 2012), October 2012.
  • »Lesbian trash«, presentation of stories from the workshops of group trash writing, September 2012, 19. Anniversary of  ACC Metelkova.


  • Cicle: Feminism and linguistics II. – On male-female discurs in Slovene language, December 2012.
  • Digital feminist intervention II: open-code programme Gimp for manipulation of photos and jumbo ads, December 2012.
  • Digital feminist intervention I: open-code programme Gimp for manipulation of photos and jumbo ads, December 2012.
  • Rejecting violence of financial capitalism, October 2012.
  • Group trash writing: fairy tales , during 40th Anniversary of  SKUC Association, September 2012.
  • Utopian lesbian places, during 40th Anniversary of  SKUC Association, September 2012.
  • Free Pussy Riot! Making balaclavas and posters for upcoming demonstration, July 2nd 2012.
  • LGBTQ and precarioussness, during Blockuppy MDDSZ, Ocuppy movement/99%, June 29th 2012.
  • Idealised female media images, June 2012.
  • Uniting with the Occupy movement in absolute rejection of reasons for economy! 19.3.2012, April 2012.

Lesbian cinema club and debates

  • Krč (1979, SR Slovenija), November 2012.
  • Idealised female media images II: Miss Representation (2011, USA), July 2012.
  • Rojene v plamenih (1983, USA), February 2012.
  • Vsakič, ko se razidemo (1994, Croatia), March 2012.

Group music listening

  • Teneia Sanders (folk/blues), June 2012.
  • Marlene Dietrich (cabaret), June 2012.
  • Bessie Smith (blues), May 2012.
  • Ethel Mary Smyth (classical music), May 2012.
  • Edith Piaf (chanson), April 2012.
  • Heather Peace (pop/rock, folk), January 2012.


  • People´s insurrection (PreZaposlene in PodPlačane), Ljubljana, 21.12.2012
  • Demonstrations against goverment, Ljubljana, 3.12.2012.
  • Demonstrations against austerity measures, Ljubljana, 30.11.2012.
  • Free Pussy Riot! Demonstration in front of the Russian Embassy in Ljubljana, July 3rd 2012.
  • Anniversary of the Ljubljana Occupy movement, January 2012.
  • We absolutely reject!, Occupy movement/99%, April 2012.
  • Against ACTA, February 2012.


  • Presentation of LGBTQ vocabulary, Ada Lovelace Day, October 2012, Kiberpipa.
  • Workshop Group trash writing: fairy tales, during 40th Anniversary of SKUC Association, September 2012.
  • Literary reading Lesbian trash – short stories from the group trash writing, during 19th Anniversary of ACC Metelkova, Ljubljana, September 2012.
  • Free Pussy Riot! Demonstration and benefit concert, with the festival Red dawns and festival City of women, July 2nd and 3rd 2012.
  • Blockuppy MDDSZ, June 2012.
  • Lecture of Alenka Spacal, PhD, about the feminist performance »Ad utero, ab ovo«,  40th anniversary of SKUC Association, April 2012.

Group outings and post-event analysis

  • Exhibition Mirror of time, 18. International festival City of women, October 2012,
  • Public discussion Feminism, education and art, Modern gallery, 18. International festival City of Women, October 2012.
  • Exhibition of Alenka Sottler – Good day, Alkatraz Gallery, April 2012.
  • Review exhibition of Metka Krašovec, Modern Gallery, April 2012.
  • 13th Feminist and queer festival Red dawns March 2012.
  • Public guidance through the exhibition Slovene women during the modern era, The National Museum of Contemporary History, February 2012.
  • Public guidance through the exhibition of Tinca Stegovec –Grafics and drawings of the MGLC collection, International Center for Graphic Arts, January 2012.

Activities in 2011

Study reading club

  • Feminism and anticapitalism (J. K. Gibson-Graham, J. Cameron: Feminizing the economy: metaphors, strategies, politics. Community economies collective; Gender, Place & Culture 10(2), 145-157); October 2011.
  • Feminism and capitalism (Lilijana Burcar: Post-feminizmi v službi neoliberalnega ´humanizma´: obstranjevanje kritične refleksije in delegitimacija družbeno-političnega boja. ProFemina, ur. Petrović J., Arsenijević D., 2011); September 2011.
  • Lesbians and anticapitalism (Alan Sears: Queer anti-capitalism: What´s left of gay and lesbian liberation? Science & Society, 2005, 69(1): 92–112); September 2011.
  • Economical-social status of women (Lilijana Burcar: Od socialistične k (neoliberalni) kapitalistični družbenoekonomski ureditvi: redefinicija državljanstva žensk. Revija Borec, Horizonti zgodovine,  657-661, 2009), April, May 2011.
  • Lesbian history, biography of lesbians (Lilian Faderman: Who hid lesbian history, Frances Doughty: Lesbian biography, biography of lesbians. Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, Vol. 4, No. 3, Lesbian History, 1979), March 2011.
  • Femme lesbians (Joan Nestle: The fem question. Gay liberation and lesbian feminism, 1982, str. 542-548); February 2011.
  • Butch-femme (Joan Nestle: Butch-fem relationships. Sexual courage in the 1950s); February 2011.
  • Feminist zines (M. L. Fraser: Zine and Heard: Fringe Feminism and the Zines of the Third Wave; Angela Richardson: Come on, Join the Conversation! Zines as a Medium for Feminist Dialogue and Community Building); January 2011.

Workshops and debate groups

  • Technics of domination, September 2011.
  • Women´s images in print media, June 2011.
  • Sexism, May 2011.
  • Femmale-to-Femme 2, drag, design, photography and self-discovery, March 2011.
  • Femmale-to-Femme 1, drag, design, photography and self-discovery, February 2011.

Feminist collaborations

  • LFU – We publicize!, presentation of publications of LFU and SKUC-Cultural centre Q, + Heavenly brain sparks, collaborations with 12.festival Red Dawns, KUD Apokalipsa and SKUC-Cultural centre Q, Ljubljana, March 2011.

Reading club Anonymous readers (in collaboration with SKUC-Cultural centre Q)

  • Dubravka Ugrešić: Štefica Cvek v krempljih življenja; novel; October 2011.
  • Barbara Korun: Pridem takoj; poems; July 2011.
  • Milena Mohorič: Zgodbe iz tridesetih let; short stories; May 2011.
  • Mihaela Hojnik: Maločudnice; short stories; April 2011.

Group music listening

  • Pia Beck, jazz, October 2011.
  • Pauline Oliveros, experimental instrumental music, October 2011.
  • Gaye Adegbalola, blues, September 2011.

Exchange platform

  • First-time, 14. September 2011.


  • Femininity and lesbians, 1. anniversary of LFU +  Women party, May 2011.


  • Katarina Hršak: Femmale-to-Femme, photography, May 2011.

Lesbian cinema club and discussions

  • In focus: Su Friedrich – Skrivalnice, July 2011.
  • In focus: Su Friedrich – Lezbične maščevalke požirajo tudi ogenj, June 2011.
  • In focus: Su Friedrich – Preklete, če ne, May 2011.
  • Lesbian history and documentary movie, March 2011.
  • In focus: Maria Beatty – Prevezana, February 2011.
  • In focus: Maria Beatty – Črna rokavica, Svileni rokavi, February 2011.
  • Mute film in correlation with race and lesbianism – Mejna črta, February 2011.
  • Mute film in correlation with race and lesbianism – Čarovnija na Floridi, February 2011.
  • Documentary Levičarji: Angry Wymyn, January 2011.

Group outings

  • Poems-prose marathon Womens´ stage, 17. festival City of women, Trubar`s house of literature, October 2011.
  • Literary reading with translators Simona Škrabec and Špela Bibič, Maria Merce Marcal: »Pasijon po Renée Vivien«, Renée Vivien: »Prikazala se mi je ženska«, SKUC-Cultural centre Q (club Tiffany), October 2011.
  • Debate Delavke med svobodo, izbiro in revščino, 17. festival City of Women, SKUC Galery, October 2011.
  • Presentation of anthology Rdečke razsajajo! + benefit party for festival Rdeče zore, SKUC-Cultural center Q(club Tiffany), September 2011.
  • Literary reading with the writer Vesna Lemaić about the novel Dumping ground, SKUC-Cultural center Q (club Tiffany), March 2011.
  • Exhibition Womens`s worlds: Stories, City museum, January 2011.
  • Exhibition Legendary Lee Miller, Jakopič Gallery, January 2011.


  • Monthly news and other contributions, e-list
  • Web library (being made).

Activities in 2010

Study and reading club

  • Radical lesbian feminism I and II (Monique Wittig: Essays)
  • Radical lesbian feminism III (Mary Daly: Beyond God the Father)
  • The lesbian body (Barbara Creed: Tribades, Tomboys and Tarts)
  • Lesbians in film: lesbian vampires (Bonnie Zimmerman: Lesbian Vampires)
  • Lesbians studying culture I, II and III (Tamsin Wilton: Lesbians Studying Culture)
  • Lesbian chic I and II (Laura Cottingham: Lesbians are so Chic…That We Are Not Really Lesbians at All)
  • Feminist writing (Ursula K. Le Guin: Commencement Address at Bryn Mawr University)

Feminist collaborations

  • KUD Apokalipsa and the collective of Apokalipsa – Gender magazine (editor Stanislava Chrobakowa Repar)

Movie screenings and debates

  • Documentary Judith Butler (2006)
  • Daughters of Darkness (1971)

Group outings

  • Exhibition Rdeča: Barva spola v videoizsekih (Red: The Colour of Gender in Video Clips), Galerija Photon
  • Exhibition Feministična umetnost v Sloveniji (Feminist Art in Slovenia), Galerija P74
  • Exhibition Črna gora v magičnem pogledu princese Ksenije (Montenegro in the Magic Eye of Princess Xenia), Galerija Fotografija
  • Roundtable Belo črnilo: post/feminizmi, teorije družbenega spola in književnost (White Ink: Post/feminisms, Gender Theories and Literature), 7th International Revija v reviji Festival (Škocjan, 2010)
  • Theatre play Misterij žene (The Mystery of a Woman), Galerija ŠKUC


  • Monthly news and other writings on LFU blog, e-list
  • Scribd virtual bookshelf (until January 2011)

Between March and November 2010, LFU activities took place at the lesbian club Monokel, before we moved to club Tiffany in December.