LFU na 11. LIFT-u v Budimpešti
28. 9. 2016

Tudi letos Lezbično-feministična univerza sodeluje na 11. LIFT-u, festivalu lezbičnih identitet v Budimpešti, ki bo med 7. in 9. 10. 2016. Festival organizira Lezbična organizacija Labrisz.

Vabljene k obisku!


Lesbian and feminist trash 2! Collective collage and comic creation workshop

This time we will reclaim everyday images and pompous titles and re-make them into trashy collective collages&comics with lesbian, queer and feminist content. We will cut, wipe, stick, draw, paint, write, comment, collage. Bring your own pictures, titles or parts of magazines, newspapers and comics. As in last year, we only expect an excess of desire, humour, disobedience, nonsense and prohibited thoughts!

Warmly welcome!

Moderators: Teja O.

(in English, with Hungarian translation)


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